She Hacks Tumblr

She Hacks Chi Sketches

I had the privilege of attending an all female hackathon at Cleverbridge in Chicago focused on the goal of getting more young girls interested in STEM. My group set out to build a beginner-friendly playground that teaches young girls how to customize their Tumblr theme.

Tumblr remains the only widely used social platform that lets you customize the code, unlike years ago when many of us became familiar with code by customizing Neopets or Myspace layouts.

And there it was. We had our passion product. We were going to build not just a tutorial, but a Tumblr playground. A low-stakes environment to learn, mess up, add personality, and instantly see the effects of your code on your site.

Thanks to the generous social reach of one of our group members, we were able to do some quick field research regarding interest in the product and features they’d like to see.

She Hacks Tumblr

Together, we spent our Saturday creating She Hacks Tumblr.

Built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, our team built a bare bones Tumblr theme using minimal code. The interface features two interactive drawers, one with the step by step instructions and definitions and one where the user writes the code, which is then reflected on the page in real time. I was responsible for the UI & UX and partnered up for the HTML & CSS. The biggest challenge during any hackathon is always time, but we were able to develop the first few tutorial steps and push live for the demo on

quit award

After 8 hours of coding, we presented in front of a panel of judges and won the “Quit Your Day Job” Award. Although we do plan on developing the product further, I can’t say any of us have taken that award literally yet.